The Mira 900 is a Titanium Sapphire tunable femtosecond laser pumped by the Verdi V-10, 10 Watt pump.
The pulsed output has an average power of over 1.6 Watt.
A figure of the Mira, with a block diagram of the main functioning components is shown in figure 1. The Mira uses a passive modelocking scheme; a saturable absorber, and a simple slit to reject continuous wave(CW) operation, and amplify short pulses. Additionally, the Mirra can be configured for femtosecond, or picosecond pulsed operation.

A femtosecond oscillator can be summarized as a « black box » in which there are only optical elements such as mirrors, prisms, lenses and a crystal with 2 extra-ordinary properties.

A continuous laser is injected into this « black box » and a train of femtosecond pulses comes out!

All the dynamics operate around this famous crystal that is titanium-sapphire!It has the power to emit a very large amount of longitudinal frequencies and couple them together by the KERR lens effect!
This crystal is the « holy grail » of laser physics.

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Fluorescence du titane saphire à 7 W de pompe avec le laser 532 nm VERDI V10 de COHERENT